CIX Comeback Info Guide

This guide is to provide comeback information for FIXES to help CIX receive the recognition they deserve. As we near towards the comeback, it is HIGHLY recommended that you start preparing beforehand in any way, shape, or form. From streaming practice to saving votes, this will be vital for their upcoming release. Let's make this comeback a good one for CIX, they deserve it!

This was made possible through user chncix on Twitter. Any questions, comments, or suggestions, my DM's are always open :)


Voting is an essential part of achieving recognition for CIX. As they performed on all six music shows, they will do so again so it's very important to know how to vote on all six.

Digital streams are counted on Naver, Bugs, Genie, and Melon.
SNS categories count YouTube MV views (stream!!!), Twitter (ex. using #씨아이엑스 or @CIX_official), and Weibo


40% Digital Sales
10% Physical Sales
20% MV Views + SNS
15% SBS MTV Broadcast (Tuesdays at 6pm KST)
15% Starplay Live Voting for 1st place nominees (From Tues. 6:35pm-7:30pm KST

To Vote
International fans are no longer eligible to vote due to the new voting guidelines, live text voting will only be eligible for Korean fans.


50% Digital + Physical Sales
20% Idol Champ Pre-Voting (Tuesday 12:01AM - Sunday 11:59PM KST)
20% MBC Music Broadcast (Wednesdays at 7pm KST)
10% SNS + MV Views

How to use Idol Champ
1. Download it from your App Store
2. Sign up with Google, Facebook or Kakao
3. Agree to all terms and create a username
4. Register CIX as your favorite idol

Idol Champ has three different currencies, two of which are used for voting.
Ruby and blue chamsims are used primarily for voting and ads.
Ruby chamsims are gained through ads (two per ad) and blue chamsims are gained through quizzes (erased every 1st day of the month).
Quiz answers can be found on @onlyquizanswers on Twitter! The other form is the star chamsims, which are achieved the same way as ruby except one per ad watched and are used for ads (great for group promos!).
They are found in the top right corner shop icon.

To Vote
1. Click on Vote for Show Champion
2. Vote for CIX (three times each day available)


45% Digital Sales
15% Physical Sales
15% MV Views + SNS
15% Pre-Voting (Fri. 2pm KST - Mon. 9am KST on Mwave/Whosfan/Mnet Japan once a day with as many accounts as you can)
10% Broadcast Score
10% Live Voting for Nominees Only on Mnet Website or text +82 0082 2566 (ex. if cix is present as a nominee, text 씨아이엑스 or CIX to that number) on Thursdays at 6pm KST.

How to Vote: Mwave
1. Go to Mwave website during the pre-voting time
2. Log in with an account of choice
3. Vote for CIX
4. Log out and repeat with other emails/SNS accs until pre-voting's closed (live voting as well)


65% Digital Streams
5% Album Sales
20% Broadcast + Radio Stream Score (Fridays at 5pm KST)
10% Panel Score

Music Bank has no pre-voting nor voting options. Focus on streaming and purchasing albums.


50% Digital Sales
10% Album Sales
10% MV Views + SNS
10% Pre-Voting (Note: MBC chooses 2000 random people for this category)
5% Broadcast Score
15% Live Voting (Saturdays at 3:45pm KST)

To Vote
Sign up
If selected, vote on Audience Committee
For Live Voting if CIX is a nominee, change your time zone to KST and text CIX to 00820505, 820505, or 0505. DO NOT CHANGE TIME ZONE UNTIL MCORE IS OVER

To Prepare for MCore
1. Download MuBeat
2. Sign up and follow CIX
3. Collect Heart Beats through Ads and Missions
4. streamstreamstream performances on the app
These will count toward Music Core and increase social Gaon Chart


55% Digital Sales
30% SNS + MV Views
10% Album Sales
5% Advance Viewer Votes (Melon Aztalk on Korean App Store)
5% Live Voting (Starpass)
10% Broadcasting Score (Sundays at 3:40pm KST)

To Vote (On Starpass)
1. Download the App
2. Sign up with an account
3. Once account is created, click the three bars on the top left corner.
4. Click charging station and watch ads/do missions to collect silverstars, you are allowed to watch 5 ads per hour and get 10 each ad watched
5. On the day of Inkigayo’s broadcast, you are allowed five votes during the broadcast, which is equivalent to 500 silverstars


Links to Websites that will count as Album sales on Shows

There are way more websites that also count towards the charts but I highly recommend these, as they have good customer service and quality when it comes with handling your albums!